On May 25th Buddy will “celebrate" ONE full year in the shelter system. We will tell him he is loved, give him some treats, and make him feel special. But inside, our hearts are breaking. Sure; we are happy he is safe, warm, and has a full belly. But, he should be celebrating a “gotcha” day in a FOREVER home. Please, help us find Buddy a forever home before he “celebrates” one year in the shelter system.

Well, why has Buddy been overlooked? 1.) Buddy isn’t a kitten. 2.) Buddy is FIV+ 3.) Buddy is a little shy

But, here’s Buddy’s past. Buddy was thrown out of a car (presumably by his family) at a barn with a lot of land. Turns out that this was a popular dump site for unwanted pet cats. Thankfully, the barn owners are kind and caring people who fed and loved these displaced kitties. The caregiver described Buddy as “terrified” and always “sleeping with one eye open”. We can’t even imagine his fear. Thankfully, with funding from a PetSmart Charities grant, Forgotten Cats was able to TNVR the colony of dumped pets and we kept all the adoptable kitties. Buddy is the LAST cat from this colony who doesn’t have a forever home.

We are certain Buddy won’t forget that traumatic experience. We are always in awe at how quickly animals are willing to trust humans again after they’ve been failed. And Buddy isn’t an exception. Buddy is grateful to be safe and loved.

Buddy is certainly a shy cat. He recoils if you go to pet him too quickly, almost like he thinks you will hurt him. But once he realizes you are offering a loving touch, he nuzzles his head into your hand. Buddy is living in a foster home and he sure does love his foster mama. When she comes downstairs his head perks up and he quickly walks over to lay with her. Buddy will nestle right up next to her on the couch and flop around for pets. (Buddy’s foster mama cannot keep Buddy as it hinders her ability to take in more cats in need).

Buddy enjoys his morning kibbles, his comfy blankie on his chair, being brushed, and quality time with his foster mama. Buddy dabbles in play but would much rather spend his time lounging around.

Buddy is a lazy, gentle, sweet boy. He would do well is a quiet, loving, and patient home. He bonds closely with one person and would make a wonderful companion for someone looking for a companion cat.

Buddy has been fostered with many cats. He keeps to himself and tolerates the other cats. He watches them all go off to their forever homes. Probably wondering when it is his turn?

Can you offer Buddy the home and love he so desperately needs? If so, you can submit an adoption application here.


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